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With an exponential growth in consumption, usable water is critically scarce today and the recovery and reuse of waste water is of crucial importance . Aquatherm puts in special emphasis on adopting latest technologies and innovative approaches for optimal recovery and reuse of waste water and other commodities.

Effluent Treatment Plants

  • Tailor made treatment processes with respect to the nature of the effluent
  • Solutions developed for a wide range of industries, such as chemicals, textiles, paper, paint, agro, metallurgical etc.
  • For effluent treatment, Aquatherm adopts the latest technology and installs the most modern equipment available.
  • Treatment process is selected with a focus on cost effective and optimal reuse of treated effluent.
  • More than 50 installations spread over four countries


Waste Water Recycling System

  • Effective reduction of:
    - Load on ETP
    - Chemical consumption for neutralization etc.
    - Raw water treatment cost
    - Total water intake
  • Unique application-specific, customized design
  • Cost effective design ensures high return on investment
  • Preserves the environment
  • Zero liquid discharge wherever possible
  • Stochiometric usage of regenerants to make the treatment more economical


Acid Purification System

  • Pickling application
  • Successful both with HCI and H2SO4
  • Online iron removal without acid loss
  • Continued high productivity of pickling bath


Sump Paste Recovery in Pb-Acid Storage Battery Industry

  • Recovers and ensure reuse of sump paste
  • Eliminates Pb-pollution
  • Improves profitability