With an exponential growth in consumption, usable water is critically scarce today and the recovery and reuse of waste water is of crucial importance . Aquatherm puts in special emphasis on adopting latest technologies and innovative approaches for optimal recovery and reuse of waste water and other commodities.

Effluent Treatment Plants

Tailor made treatment processes with respect to the nature of the effluent
Solutions developed for a wide range of industries, such as chemicals, textiles, paper, paint, agro, metallurgical etc.
For effluent treatment, Aquatherm adopts the latest technology and installs the most modern equipment available.
Treatment process is selected with a focus on cost effective and optimal reuse of treated effluent.
More than 50 installations spread over four countries

Waste Water Recycling System

  • Effective reduction of:
    – Load on ETP
    – Chemical consumption for neutralization etc.
    – Raw water treatment cost
    – Total water intake
  • Unique application-specific, customized design
  • Cost effective design ensures high return on investment
  • Preserves the environment
  • Zero liquid discharge wherever possible
  • Stochiometric usage of regenerants to make the treatment more economical

Acid Purification System

  • Pickling application
  • Successful both with HCI and H2SO4
  • Online iron removal without acid loss
  • Continued high productivity of pickling bath

Sump Paste Recovery in Pb-Acid Storage Battery Industry

  • Recovers and ensure reuse of sump paste
  • Eliminates Pb-pollution
  • Improves profitability