Reverse Osmosis Systems

  • Complete system with suitable pretreatment facility
  • Low operating cost
  • Compact design
  • Ability to withstand wide fluctuations in raw water characteristics
    Multiple pass RO System
  • Less space required for installation
  • Brackish water as well as sea water purification
  • Membranes and other critical components sourced
  • from the world’s most renowned and proven suppliers

Drinking/Potable Water Systems

  • Complete water treatment plant for packaged drinking water units as per IS/WHO standards
  • Ozonator/UV Sterilizer units

Electrode ionization Systems

  • High purity water generation, storage and distribution system
  • Chemical/Hot Water Sanitary units
  • RO+ Electro deionization (EDI) systems for generating higher purity water for pharmaceutical and electronic industries etc as per USP, MCA, EU Pharma standards

Ultra filtration & Nan filtration Systems

  • Fully automatic/semi-automatic plant
  • Complete system with suitable pretreatment facility
  • Compact design
  • Ultra filtration is ideal for packaged drinking water, pharmaceutical and other related industries
  • Nan filtration has applications in dairy, textile, sugar and a host of other industries